domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

Talking about Literature

Nowadays, the field of literature is suffering some changes. It is common for a teacher ask the students to do analysis, critics and fast reading. We could notice that the teacher ‘make’ the students reads more, because reading is not spontaneous, it is an obligation.
But some educators have been using wrong methodologies, because if they want ask the any reading of any important author, the intention is to do a technical analysis, put the literature work in the historical context, because something related about it will be asked in a test or an any entrance exam.
The university teaching reduced literature to the theory confirmation, and many students, educators and people in general, have been lose in the real merit.
This is really a concern because we have many factors, which start with the child’s parents. It is important to influence the child since when he/she born, buying books, telling histories and many other things that it is possible do while the growth. But we know that many people think yet, that just school is the responsible of influence in studies.
What we need to do is to recover to the anthropology extent and do the critic from different angle, more human. It is important to keep in touch with our literature; it is the real fountain of knowledge.
We can broaden our wisdom, if we read more and develop the mind and with books we have the access to the intellectual world.
At the present many studies have been developed to find different ways to teach and incentive people, teenagers and children specific, to read more, but we can notice that teachers do not have incentive to themselves; so, some gaps started at the university and if they do not search the error will continues for much time as we can imagine.